Extra DVD Copy Japanese 6.63

Extra DVD Copy Japanese 6.63: Special custom version for the Japanese users to copy their DVD conveniently Extra DVD Copy Japanese is a special custom version for the Japanese users to copy their DVD conveniently. Same with Extra DVD Copy, it is a flexible and easy to use DVD movie copy program. Its intuitive design gives you a one click DVD backup solution. Extra DVD Copy Japanese can copy most DVD-5/DVD-9 type DVD movies to DVD-9 (Dual Layer) or DVD-5 disks with no quality loss. No wonder this is the world`s most popular copying software!

The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles 3.5: Solve Japanese puzzles (Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms)
The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles 3.5

Japanese puzzles. Japanese puzzles (also known as Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms or Japanese Crosswords) are puzzles with hidden picture. If the puzzle is solved correctly, the picture will appear little by little. You can download the Japanese Puzzles Collection (a total of 440 puzzles) from my site. Some of those puzzles are simple, but some are pretty difficult. Also you can create new simple puzzles with a generator of japanese puzzles

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Japanese Cherry Screensaver 1.0: Free screensaver containing 24 beautiful images of the Japanese Cherry Flower
Japanese Cherry Screensaver 1.0

Japanese Cherry is a free screensaver created by containing 24 high quality photographs of the Japanese Cherry Tree. Prunus serrulata, the Japanese Cherry, also called Oriental Cherry or East Asian Cherry, is a species of Japanese ornamental cherry tree in the rose family Rosaceae. It is a small tree with a short single trunk, with a dense crown reaching a height of about 8-12 m. The smooth bark is chestnut-brown.

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MB Japanese Kanji 1.20

Japanese Kanji is an oracle based on the Japanese Kanji Alphabet. The Kanji stones have been long used for fortune telling in Japan and considered to be very auspicious. This is said to have a Chinese origin and forms the basis of the Japanese language. Kanji stones have been used as a form of divination to predict the future and solve the day to day problems. MB Japanese Kanji is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. The program

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M-Japanese Mail Component 1.0.0

Japanese is an ActiveX component for sending Japanese email from ASP Web sites and Microsoft Windows applications. It works as an ActiveX object but also exposes DLL functions directly. It includes an EXE for CGI operation via XMLHTTP. M-Japanese can construct and send professional plain-text and HTML e-mail, with the ability to create an e-mail from a URL or HTML file, add and zip compress attachments, and convert character encodings. M-Japanese

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Declan`s Japanese FlashCards 1.4: Learn Japanese with Audio FlashCards featuring 4000+ native speaker recordings.
Declan`s Japanese FlashCards 1.4

Declan`s Japanese FlashCards is a fully configurable audio-based Japanese vocabulary flashcard system. The software has been designed to help students learn a large number of Japanese words as quickly as possible in a systematic but fun & simple way. The software incorporates an audio feature that uses a native speaker`s voice recordings of a word`s pronunciation to aid the learning process. There are currently Word Files comprising over 4000.

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Learn Japanese 1.4.5: NihongoUp is the best integrated learning solution for a learner of Japanese.
Learn Japanese 1.4.5

A Japanese educational game and reviewing tool that will help you learn hiragana & katakana, improve your typing speed, review JLPT kanji, vocabulary & grammar in context. NihongoUp Desktop is a Serious Games Showcase & Challenge winner. NihongoUp is the best integrated learning solution for a learner of Japanese. Learn, review, and practice Japanese in one easy to use package, online or on the go.

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